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Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish. R-Lar La pandemia de COVID-19 inauguró un cambio radical en la forma en la que nos comunicamos. La incorporación de la videoconferencia se acopló a nuestra cotidianeidad con la fuerza que la urgencia y la necesidad nos impuso a tod·s. ¿Pero alguna vez nos preguntamos por […]

Películas Cristalizadas

Películas Cristalizadas

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Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish. Películas Cristalizadas Performance  site-specific para el Cristal Sónico de Oscar Edelstein y Manuel Eguia. Películas Cristalizadas es una propuesta audiovisual en donde se realiza un homenaje experimental a algunos videoartistas experimentales de la primera mitad del siglo XX. Se proyectaron películas de Man Ray, Norman McLaren, Viking […]

Pensamiento Universitario

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Animaciones digitales e ilustraciones para la revista Pensamiento Universitario

Un Gólem en Buenos Aires

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Un Gólem en Buenos Aires Desarrollo de sistema interactivo de proyecciones para la obra “Un Gólem en Buenos Aires” “Un Gólem en Buenos Aires” es una obra de teatro multidisciplinaria inspirada en la leyenda del Gólem de Praga. Ésa que dice que allá por el 1500, el famoso rabino Loew, sabio cabalista, creó un ser […]

Las Bernardas

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“With the key that opens everything and the hand that closes all”. Inspired on the Federico García Lorca’s “The house of Bernarda  Alba”

¿Quién es?

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¿Quién es? Introduction video for the TV show ¿Quién es? for the bolivian channel Abya Yala. Idea and host: Mariano Vázquez.

Limbo Scroll

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Media hora en la vida de Usuario, Navegador y Satélite. Una ventana abierta a otra ventana abierta ¿Es posible ponerle cuerpo a lo virtual?

La Máquina del Tiempo

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Instalación de la Máquina del Tiempo para el Centro Cultural de las Ciencias en donde los visitantes pueden pedalear avanzando o retrocediendo en el tiempo.


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Espectáculo de murga, que trabaja los orígenes, influencias y actualidad de la murga porteña narrados desde el baile y la percusión con la animación como aliada.


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Propuesta escénica y poético-musical consagrada a celebrar esa experiencia siempre enigmática llamada “Inspiración”

The Tubodroid, the stars’ bells

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The Tubedroid, the stars’ bells Interactive installation / musical instrument. Tubodroide (Tubedroid) is an interactive installation/musical instrument with twentie-two tuned bronze tubes. It has an experimental interface made of springs.    The system allows visitors and musicians to produce unconventional sounds and melodies, and in this way they can experience experiencing new interactive situations. The […]

River’s ink

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A homage to Juan Gelman
Interactive Installation by Federico Joselevich Puiggrós and Omar Panosetti

inevitable / inagotable, cierto concierto

· Performance ·

Performatic show, where the singer-dancer, Valeria Pagola, creates the music live and dances that music on a stage which is projected and manipulated live.

The Object of the Exile

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Installation that proposes a view about the argentine exilie in Mexico, through different objects from exiled people, by Liza Casullo y Federico Joselevich Puiggrós.


· Performance ·

DIS ASTRO. Experimental show for visuals, sounds and a found clock

Pulse 2.0.1

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Pulse 2.0.1 is an installation who represents a mannequin whose hearth barks once on each 1.000 tweets are sent on the Internet. It also shows 1/100 of the tweets that it gets on a little display. If you hear it with a stethoscope, it makes a trrrr.. trrrrrrrr… trr…. sound.

Concerts with Liza Casullo

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Since middle of 2012, Liza Casullo and Federico Joselevich Puiggrós have made a wide set of concerts working on different approaches experimenting with the image and the sound. Some of this concerts where at: Centro Cultural de la Cooperación, Buenos Aires, 2012. El Imaginario Cultural, Buenos Aires, 2012. Galería Pasaje 17, Buenos Aires, 2013. Centro […]


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Net art work. App for smartphones and computers based on the work of “Intimidad Romero”.

saudade do mar

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Interactive installation made by  Federico Joselevich Puiggrós and Julia Vallejo Puszkin. Honor Prize at the second Kosice bienale of Art and Technology Sinopsis: The installation talks about the relationship between the human and the sea, taking as a startup point the hypothetic moment when the humans chooses to live in the hydrospacial cities (a concept from […]

96 frames

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96 frames Performance Live Stop Motion performance. 96 frames is a performance for allowing several people to make Stop Motion animations live together. On the screen there are two projections, one with the live image from the capture camera, and one with the actual animation. In february, 2013, Federico Joselevich Puiggrós and Omar Panosetti won […]

Los Aparatos

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Los Aparatos (The Tools) http://www.losaparatos.ludic.cc/ Interactive Installation by Federico Joselevich Puiggrós & Julia Vallejo. Los Aparatos (The Tools) explores shared emotions, difficult moments, common places of the difficulties of the modern life, asking itself for the suffering, the malaise in our present culture. Through the technology, using the humor and diverse resoruces (such as chemical, physical, […]

passus exilii

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passus exilii installation The installation consists in a zenithal projection, where some words are traveling through the floor. There is a camera on the roof. It captures the visitors’ positions. The words run away, or go to the position where the visitors are. The system does an analisys about this positions and determines if the […]


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Operating like a videogame, Dynacity is an interactive installation made by area3 collective that proposes the construction of a city with explicit reference to a plausible but unreal city of the United Arab Emirates.

Vinila Von Bismark

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Vinila Von Bismark website for the multitalented artist, the spanish diva of Burlesque, Vinila Von Bismark. Design by PROXI.ME, programming by Federico Joselevich Puiggrós.

Ange’s Lamp

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Ange’s Lamp (2011) Object Light reactive lamp. Potier Collection Motorcar trash, 4n35, transistors, LDRs, cc motors, metal.

Dream Installation

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# Dream Installation. All the pillows have dreams inside. You can listen to them just approaching your ears. Was exhibited on the Ceroveinticinco cicle on Rosario, april 2011, and Tecnópolis, Buenos Aires, november 2011. This installation was made with Sebastián Friedman.

Urraka Paka

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Pakapaka TV channel asked MuyRicoTodo collective to develop a music workshop for their web page. The idea was to use think about the work that the musitian of Urraka group do with objects. We worked on the idea of a sequencer where the people can place objects on a timeline using the sounds of those […]


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If you pick up the camera when somebody is focusing her camera on you, and you focus on her at the same time, a duel is setted. Both people are being portraited. The intentionality on the act makes the portrait a selfportrait, as I am urging the other to make me a photo.

workshop: fabrication and installation of FabFi antenas

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#workshop: fabrication and installation of FabFi antenas The course was about how to configure and hack routers, how to assemble and setup the antenas for the FabFi project. It was given at Barcelona’s FabLab for students on the FabAcademy course.

Monoambiente and punch shows with Santiago Vázquez

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# monoambiente and punch shows VJ, sound, MIDI and network projection set, connected with the Looperlative console, for Santiago Vázquez‘s show. The monoambiente show, is a mix between a orquestraman and Dj, using a loop console adding voices and music to the scene. I developed an specific software to record loops from different cameras placed […]

B de brujo (B as wizard)

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B de brujo (B as wizard) The  Pan Francés gallery, invited 27 artists to make a work about the alphabet. B de Brujo is an interactive installation who invites the visitors to challenge the wizard. If the visitor accomplish the goal to go through the B letter without touching it, the wizard gives a gift as […]

performance: museum night 2008 – modified images # 3

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#museum night – modified images #3 (2008) Visual show projecting over the Monumental Tower (also known as English Tower) at Retiro, Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Illustration and interpretation of Nicolás Varchausky’s Public Intervention #1.  


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Developmento for the art school Abadir (Catania, Italia). Diseño: PROXI.ME http://www.abadir.net

master: technology ironies, impossible machines

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master: technology ironies, impossible machines Final show for the workshop “Technology Ironies, Impossible Machines” for the Interaction Postdegree course at Elisava School, Barcelona. The students developed some works to demonstrate different principles on the use of renovable energy. This projects tried about the nonsense, about the imposible on the use of some of this principles. […]

this world’s chroniques

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Design, logo and development for the website www.cronicasdeestemundo.com.ar, a webblog for the journalist Mariano Vázquez.

armonitron SF-1

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# armonitron SF-1 Development of a musical instrument for Santiago Vázquez (http://www.santiagovazquezpunch.com/). It consists on an semi-aleatory armony generator. Starting with the notes that are sended from a keyboard or a MIDI instrument, a number of notes based on a choosed armony are generated. This armonies are predefined based on cromatic, thirds, forths, fifths or […]

master: MicroZOO at Interaction Dessign Master, Elisava universitary school, UPF

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# MicroZOO Workshop within the The Master of Design in Interaction Design at Elisava Escola Superior de Disseny (Barcelona). The goal was create and write a myth about a fantastic animal. This myth was suppossed to be based on histories originaries on the countries were the participants were originare. Once the stories were written, the […]