Las Bernardas

“With the key that opens everything and the hand that closes all” 

Inspired on the Federico García Lorca‘s “The house of Bernarda  Alba”

Diploma in Theaters of the World 2016 for Choreography and Choreographic Direction to Teresa Duggan.

Diploma in Theaters of the World 2016 by the scenic visual mechanisms to Federico Joselevich Puiggrós.

Idea, choreography and direction: Teresa Duggan

Interpreters: Vanesa Blaires, María Laura García, Magda Ingrey, Vanesa Ostrosky, Josefina Perés, Gabriela Pizano, Laura Spagnolo, Daniela Velázquez

Original music: Edu Zvetelman
Costume: Nam Tanoshii
Interactive Visuals: Federico Joselevich Puiggrós
Photos: Carlos Furman
Press: Simkin & Franco
Assistant: Claudia Valado

Company Duggandanza

Duration: 50 minutes


Theater dance work that dives into the female world. It is a counterpoint between the interior of the house, the repression that breathes in it and the outside world.
Appearance, frustration, envy, rebellion, and “what they will say” function as the five senses of these women. Outside the house where echoes of passions come and unleashed eroticism represents the most impetuous fantasies of The women of Lorca.

This work received a subsidy from the Institute for the Promotion of the Activity of the Non-Official Dance of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires