Interactive installation made by  Federico Joselevich Puiggrós and Julia Vallejo Puszkin.

Honor Prize at the second Kosice bienale of Art and Technology

The installation talks about the relationship between the human and the sea, taking as a startup point the hypothetic moment when the humans chooses to live in the hydrospacial cities (a concept from Kosice). It talks in a metaphoric way  the situation of the human against the absence of the sea, and the nostalgic feelings and expectations about it. The visitor finds her/him self in front of a fish tank with blue water and oil, with a big button that can be touched. If the visitor touches the botton a flow of wind goes through some sea shells and the sound made by them is translated as burbles inside the fish tank. The sound is amplified in the room to connect the visitor with the sea.


2 pieces, one 80cm x 160cm x 30cm and other of 30cm x 30cm x 120cm high.

Electronic interactive installation.

Acrylic, glass, water, oil, wood, electronics and metal.

Electronic devices:
Arduino, integrated circuits,  piezoelectric sensors, sound system.