# Naturalmedia: The Evolutive – The Repetitive

Workshop within the The Master of Design in Interaction Design at Elisava Escola Superior de Disseny (Barcelona). The goal was make a Vj show at the Plaça de la Merced, Barcelona. This was a show in the context of LOOP 2009 festival.

“Think on a A group: NATURALMEDIA.
Think on a B group: LOOP.
Think it’s intersection: The evolutive-the repetitive.

In the same maner that Jorge Luis Borges writes in “The Plto”: “Imagin the Mercè Plaça full of people and a scene made with a pseudo-repetitive representations which goes and comes. Everything regardin organic elements or absolutly artifitial ones. But its behaivors remember and allow us an inmersive, naturalistic view of the show. The show as a whole”.