Pulso 2.0.1

Pulse 2.0.1


The heart of a hummingbird makes two thousand beats per minute. The sound produced by these beats can be heard as a buzz, a deep A note on a low octave. How does  the heartbeat of the Internet sounds?

Pulse 2.0.1 takes approximately 1% of the tweets that are sent over the network . Each time a tweet comes in, a small piston is moved inwards or outwards, this produces sounds that can be heard with a stethoscope. The display will show 1% of the tweets you receive , ie it shows one tweet per 100,000 tweets that sent over the network.

We talk about ​​”collective intelligence ” on the Internet refering to the creation of knowledge from a simultaneous action of many actors within the network . Social networks have become an instrument that we use to measure the beat, the pulse, the vitality of what is going on. Pulse 2.0.1 is the first object of a triptych that satirizes the idea of the life and death of ideas in the collective imagination, “taking the pulse” of the network.