master: technology ironies, impossible machines

Final show for the workshop “Technology Ironies, Impossible Machines” for the Interaction Postdegree course at Elisava School, Barcelona.

The students developed some works to demonstrate different principles on the use of renovable energy. This projects tried about the nonsense, about the imposible on the use of some of this principles. In the way of Douchamps’s “La Novia puesta al desnudo por sus solteros, incluso”, the Leonardo da Vinci’s kitchen machines or the Bruno Munari’s impossible machines.

The workshop started writing a paper were the students wanted to demonstrate some nonsense on the connection between the energy and the technology. They developed their works using  OpenFrameworks, as a serie of installations trying to demonstrate the theory.

One example of the works:

PsychoTV from Sergio Juanías Abril on Vimeo.